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For over 25 years, Termite Science has provided Irvine area residents with high quality termite control services. We believe preventing infestations before they start is the best way to avoid costly damage to your Irvine area home caused by termites. In the event you do experience a termite infestation, we also provide a range of termite removal solutions, including alternatives to traditional fumigations. Call us today at (949) 446-1116 for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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Termite Science is Irvine's premier termite control company. For over 25 years, we have been providing Irvine area customers with the best residential termite control services around. We are proud to offer termite control options that eliminate colonies and prevent their return to your home. Have a termite problem in your home? No worries, Termite Science has you covered! Call us today at (949) 446-1116 and let us put a stop to your termite problem! 

When you choose Termite Science to handle your termite problem you will receive the highest quality of service that will completely rid your home of your termite problem. We use the best products available to give each customer the ultimate treatment and to ensure we eliminate your termite problem for good. Although our treatment methods are highly effective against termites, they pose no threat to people or pets so you can have the peace of mind knowing your family and home are safe. 

We're proud to offer the following termite control services to our Irvine area customers: 

  • •  Free Inspection & Quote
  • •  Warranty
  • •  Maintenance Plans
  • •  Alternative Treatments
  • •  Fumigation
  • •  Localized Treatments
  • •  No Move Out
  • •  Damage Repair
  • •  Escrow Inspection
  • •  Senior Discounts
  • •  Neighborhood Discounts

At Termite Science all of our specialists are licensed, experienced and knowledgeable in the termite control field. When we arrive at your home or business we begin by thoroughly inspecting the foundation and walls, identify areas conducive to termite entry. Conducive conditions include wood to ground contact of exterior siding, wood flowerbeds, or wood decks that are built onto the exterior of the structure. If we find that your property is infested, we can design a treatment plan to control the problem and prevent further infestation with a chemical barrier around the structure. We offer both partial and full subterranean termite treatments. After our inspection, we’ll share our findings with you and advise you with the best treatment option to completely eliminate all termite activity in and around your Irvine area home. 


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Call us today at (949) 446-1116 and let us put a stop to your termite problem!

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    Irvine Termite Pest-Control

    If you're struggling with a termite problem at home, remember that termites can silently cause damage to your property that could easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't take any chances-get in touch with an Irvine area termite pest control contractor at Termite Science today by calling (949) 446-1116.


    Termites are easily some of the oldest pests known to man and date back millions of years. Termites very silently go through wood and flooring in your home, destroying them and making them hollow from the inside out before you know it. You may not even realize that you have termites in your home, and may continue to suffer damage to your woodwork, flooring, cabinetry, shelves, wardrobes and cabinets.

    Different types of termites

    There are several different types of termites that are responsible for the kind of pest-control problems that plague an Irvine area home. Your home might suffer damage caused by conehead termites, drywood termites, dampwood termites, and formosan termites.


    Any home, no matter what type of construction material you have used, will offer enough food for the entire termite population. Termites are designed to consume wood, and live mostly in shelves, and house foundations.

    How to termite-proof your home

    Moisture is a major contributor to termites in your home. If there is standing water anywhere on your property, get rid of it, and ensure that water is able to drain off, especially after a downpour. Seal off termite entry points, especially those located around pipes.


    A termite infestation is not something that you on your own can do anything about. Remember-pest-control products simply do not work on termites, and half of the challenge is to locate exactly where these infestations are located around your home.


    Instead, get in touch with an experienced Termite Science termite pest-control contractor at (949) 446-1116 today. Our pest control contractor will arrive at your home, armed with years of expertise and experience eliminating termite pests and will provide the most effective pest-control services around the Irvine area. Call a Termite Science pest control professional at (949) 446-1116 today and get the solution to your termite problem!

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  • " I would recommend them as fair, honest and very knowledgeable in their field."
  • Prompt Service.. Good Deal.
    I am really impressed with the service that I received from Termite Science. I had them come out for a free inspection because over the summer I noticed some termites flying around. They came out and checked out the whole house, showed me where they found termites and damage. They told me what my options were for treatment and surprisingly they did not push me to go with the more expensive option. Termite Science was a much better deal than the other estimate I got from another company. I have had to call them back once for a service call and they were very prompt and came out the very next day and took care of it. I plan on renewing my service with them at the end of the year.
  • I am a loyal customer of Termite Science they have done great work on my home and are always very prompt and thorough. I have referred them to many friends and neighbors.
  • I started noticing little dark pellets or ""droppings"" in my garage and patio. A neighbor of mine referred me to Termite Science and I was extremely pleased with the service and cost of work they did on my house. The estimate I was given came in at a few hundred dollars less than another company I had out to take a look. The first guy that came out, Chris was very friendly and knowledgeable, and was able to answer all my questions. Two other men came out to perform the actual treatment and they too were very professional and helpful.
  • great job getting rid of my termites!
  • Thanks to Christopher and his hard working crew, our hone is now under control from pesky termites. We highly recommend his company.
  • Very
    Happy with them. Same day service!
  • For a girl, spending money on something you can not wear or use is very dissatisfying. However, knowing you got a good deal from a trusted company who has been doing this for decades is a great feeling. After hours and hours of a House Flipping program on HGTV I started to notice some dry rot areas around the house. My parents moved in their current home 14 years ago, and I am certain they have never had anyone out to look at the damage.

    I called them and scheduled someone to come by the following morning. I was shopping around and they were my second company. The first company was not super informative. Very, wham-bam-thank -you ma'am. Here is this report, we only recommend tenting, it's going to be about 2k, your life will be turned upside down for a bit and you will have to spend hours preparing.

    Christopher from Termite Science sat me down and actually educated me on the pros and cons and my pricing options. Leaving the appointment I had a good feeling about this company and pulled the trigger. They returned within a few hours and spot sprayed the problem areas and offered me a year of service calls should I notice anything new.
  • "These guys are men of their word. They came out got the job done. I would gladly recommend."
  • "I am very satisfied with their work, employees and quality of customer service."
  • Happy Customer
    For the last few years Termite Science has been treating my home for termites. Whenever I need them to come out to treat my home they always come out right away and take care of any problem I'm having. They return calls right away and I usually always am able to get them over within a day. The guys that come out always do a great job too. It's nice knowing my home is protected and I can always count on Termite Science to take care of me.

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At Termite Science, we pride ourselves on providing safe, effective, and dependable termite removal and protection services to our Irvine area residents.


With over 25 years of experience in termite removal and prevention, the experts at Termite Science can help you clear an existing termite infestation, or help you protect your Irvine area home against future infestations.